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Aged seven, Maude played an abducted six year old boy called "Jack" along-side her mother Marguerite who was in the leading role of Hester Thornbury, the village school mistress.

"Miss Marguerite Fealy played 'Hester Thornbury' very beautifully. She is tender, womanly and emotional, without maniacal twists of countenance and head bumping. She looked very sweet and pleasant in all of her simple, tasteful gowns. Little Maud Fealy played a six year old boy delightfully, without any prigish airs or parroty chirps. She is beautiful, babyish and clever and does exceedingly fine work." - Chicago Evening News.

"In the cast is a wee little tot whose presence on the stage is a ray of sunshine. A child of seven years after whom many older actresses might copy with profit. Little Maude Fealy, that is her name, is a clever little actress." - Ohio State Journal.

A portrait of Maude aged seven, and her mother Marguerite.
Image from "The New York Dramatic Mirror" December 26th 1891.