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"Rosamund" in "Becket" was Maude's first role with Sir Henry Irving's company.  They toured around the UK, including six weeks at Drury Lane.  She toured with Sir Henry Irving frequently between 1902 and 1905 playing such roles as "Julie" in "The Lyons Mail", "Norah Brewster" in "Waterloo" and "Marie" in "Louis XI".

There were three distinct costumes used in promoting Maude Fealy in "Becket."

There are many other postcards featuring Maude in this costume.
Philco Series 3107 E
This card reads "Miss Maude Fealy as Fair Rosamund."
Picture taken by photographers "Window & Grove."
Rotary Postcard 1861 N.
Miss Maude Fealy as Rosamond in "Becket."
Photographers - Hutchinson & Svendsen.

It was while touring with "Sherlock Holmes" that Maude met Sir Henry Irving in London as she explains in the following extract from "Pictures and The Picturegoer."

"We were at the Lyceum, and I had Sir Henry's dressing-room.  A cat wandered in, and we became great friends.  I shared my malted milk with pussy, and decorated it with blue ribbon.  Then I discovered to whom it belonged, and that was really the beginning of my acquaintance with that great man.  Sir Henry was so kind and thoughtful, and such a ceaseless worker."

A photo of Maude with that cat can be seen on the Sherlock Holmes page.