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Maude appeared in William Gillette's play Sherlock Holmes during 1901 and 1902.

"The new leading lady at the Lyceum, specially imported from America to support Mr. William Gillette in 'Sherlock Holmes,' was readily taken into favor on the first night of the London production. Her treatment of the part of the persistently persecuted and long-suffering 'Alice Faulkner' was marked by much natural feeling, and quickly commanded the sympathetic attention of the house." - London Illustrated News
Maude Fealy as Alice Faulkner in Sherlock Holmes.
Raphael Tuck & Sons' "Real Photograph" postcard Series 5058
(Photo : London Stereo)
A London picture of Maude Fealy as Alice Faulkner. Maude in Sir Henry Irving's dressing room backstage at the Lyceum Theatre, London. Maude is fondling her pet cat while waiting to be called for the last act of Sherlock Holmes.

It was this play that first brought Maude to the attention of the British public when it toured England during 1901 and 1902. This coincided with the introduction of photographic quality picture postcards and the increase of popularity of collecting theatrical subjects.

Known venues* include :
Philadelphia, USA. Broad Street Theatre, February 1901.
Boston, USA. Hollis Street Theatre, February - March 1901.
Malden, Mass. USA. Malden Auditorium, April 1901.
Liverpool, UK. Shakespeare Theatre, September 1901.
London, UK. Royal Lyceum Theatre, September 1901 - April 1902.
There were 216 performances in all at the Lyceum. The performance on February 1, 1902, was attended by King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra.

( * Source : The Universal Sherlock Holmes )