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"Miss Fealy . . . acquired distinction on the other side of the Atlantic by her very effective impersonation of the heroine in Quo Vadis." - London Illustrated News.

"Maude Fealy, a most beautiful girl, not yet sixteen years of age, won especial favor from the audience for her sympathetic playing in the role of Eunice, the loving slave of Petronius. This young woman shows marvelous talent, and, with her refined beauty, is sure to make fame for herself before many years elapse." - Chicago Democrat.

The caption of this photo, taken from an unidentified periodical, reads :
Maude Fealy as "Eunice" in "Quo Vadis"
(From her latest photograph by Windeatt, Chicago)
A Postcard of Maude in "Quo Vadis".
Rotary Photographic Series - No. 198 E.
A stunning coloured postcard also from "Quo Vadis"
J. Beagles & Co. - No. 1061.

This programme from 1900 shows that Maude Fealy's mother Margaret Fealy was also in the production playing Pomponia.