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According to the following quote, Maude first played Juliet at the age of 15 and no doubt played the part on several other occasions.

"When Maude was 15, Miss Blanch Walsh, who was leading woman at that time with one of the summer stock companies, wished to produce Romeo and Juliet, and Miss Fealy was selected as the Juliet. So pronounced was her success that she was engaged to succeed Miss Henrietta Crossman as leading woman at the other theatre." - Extract from Maude Fealy's biography.

Maude appearing as Juliet in the Balcony Scene, aged 15.
I guess this postcard is also Juliet, although taken at a different time to the other image.
Rotary Postcard 198 A.
This Raphael Tuck & Sons' postcard is another picture of Maude Fealy as Juliet.