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Maude Fealy was a American actress who during the early twentieth century was one of the leading ladies of the American stage. Her youthful beauty made her a popular subject for postcards which I have been collecting for several years. This site lists the postcards I have so far discovered, some background to the images and information about Maude Fealy and her life.

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See what was found in an old trunk belonging to Maude at Maude Fealy's Treasure Chest.

An excellent biography of Maude Fealy can be found here at the Thanhouser Company Film Preservation, Inc site.
They have a DVD for sale which includes one of Maude's films, "King Rene's Daughter".

Powers Behind Grand Rapids. *NEW* A blog about the "early history of Grand Rapids, Michigan and the Powers and Ball families" by James R Winslow includes a section on Margaret and Maude Fealy, their plays and The Fealy School of Dramatic Expression.

Stage Beauty is a site dedicated to female stars from the golden age of English Theatre and includes a section on Maude with a biography.

Shakespeare and the Players is a survey through postcards of actors who have played Shakespeare's characters for late Victorian and Edwardian audiences. Includes Maude Fealy.

Blogging Maude is a blog dedicated to Maude Fealy. Includes material found in the Denver Public Library. and are two sites dedicated to Edna May. Another popular postcard beauty, actress and singer.


Parts of this site are still under construction and new postcards are always being found so please check back for updates.

Updates :
10th April 2009  Rotary section now has larger thumbnails, and a couple of new postcards.

4th March 2009  Apologies for the site being down for a few days. The ISP blew up! I am trying to update the site with larger thumbnails, and scan a lot of new postcards, so watch this space!

17th April 2008  Now you can see what was in Maude's trunk (see below). Thanks to Jeffrey's boss Jaylene, who has put this marvelous site together. Maude Fealy's Treasure Chest

27th March 2008  Amazing news! I have received the following email :

Hi there

We were talking at work today about the "10 commandments" and looking
at the cast list. I was surprised to see Maude had actually gotten
credit for her work as a slave woman. I didn't think anyone alive
today had ever heard of this woman except me. So my coworkers did
some searches and found your site, among others, and some things on
E-bay. I am not a computer person but you had an address on your
website so I am able to contact you.

Do I have an amazing story for you. Are you sitting down?
Many years ago I was working for a theatre company and a wooden trunk
was discovered in the basement of a neighboring theatre, (which has
since been torn down, I believe). My department, properties, was sent
over to retrieve the trunk and salvage it's contents for use in our
plays (the trunk contained letters, newspapers, etc, which we could
copy for use on stage). We had no idea that the trunk would hold 100
years worth of memories belonging to the actress Maude Fealy, who
apparently never threw anything away, just kept adding it to the
trunk. It took several of us weeks to excavate the trunk, which had
sustained some severe water and mildew damage. I was the project lead
and spent hours reading the letters, short plays, and overdue bills
in the trunk. The further down we dug, the more interesting this
womans life became. It was like a biography in reverse, with items
from the 1960s at the top and a birth certificate, I think, of her
Mother dated 1860 (?) at the bottom.

Luckily the theatre was able to provide archival support and all
salvagable items were properly archived in museum quality sleeves,
etc. The biggest find in the box were the publicity photos. Dozens of
them, and they had survived quite well as I recall. I don't remember
any postcard sizes. They were all 8x10, and bigger! This is a true
story. I think I organized and filed at least 50 images, all
beautiful, some from vaudeville and others from the early film years.
In some she is dressed as a boy. There were also Christmas cards from
Cecil and Cukor, paystubs, newsclippings, programs, you name it!

I never forgot Maude and am so excited that other are
interested in her too.
We could not trace any living relatives to share this trunk with at
the time. This was over 10 years ago and there was no "Google".
The collection is still safely archived away (I checked today) and is
under lock and key while it's future is to be decided upon. I think it
should stay as an archive and be sold to the national film archives or
a Broadway theatre museum perhaps.

I have requested that my former boss begin scanning in some of the
images so that I can share them with you and the others out there who
want to see them. This will take time and it will be done on someones
personal time, when time allows, so you must be patient! But I know
everyone at this theatre still cares about this archive and will want
to help connect Maude back to the fame she once knew.

Please share this with the other Maude fans to let them know that
some exciting stuff should be happening in the coming months.


Jeffrey, Seattle

I had wondered what had happened to Maude's possessions after her death. It's good to know it didn't all end up on a rubbish tip! I am now looking forward to see what was in Maude's trunk.

- - - - -

I would also like to profusely thank the person who over a year ago sent me a copy of King René's Daughter, the 1913 film starring Maude Fealy. Alas I have lost your contact details (computer crash a year ago) and have only just got around to viewing it a second time (broken DVD software!) I'll try and put some screen captures up soon.

26th March 2008  M.C. - I was unable to get an email through to you, it kept bouncing back. Sorry, I haven't got any spare postcards of Maude at the moment. I sold all my remaining spares last year.

25th August 2007  I've often been asked for larger sized images of postcards, so I've now got a flickr account into which I am slowly uploading the original raw scans of each postcard. I haven't organised it yet, but if you click on any image at Flickr, and select "All sizes", you can then download the largest size. As there is a limit to the number of images I can upload per month, let me know if there are any you would like to see and I'll prioritise them .

14th June 2007  Added a lovely new image to the miscellaneous images section.

17th May 2007   Someone has started a blog about Maude Fealy. They have found some useful information from the Denver Public Library. I have also been sent a copy of King René's Daughter so I will try and get some screen shots soon.

6th May 2007   Some updates to the Rotary section.

17th April 2007   This page has been rewriten to be Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional. I am trying to improve my web writing skills so other pages will be converted and style sheets introduced at some point. In other words if something looks like it isn't working, then it is most likely to be my fault! Please let me know if you find something wrong.
Meanwhile I have a stack of new postcards to scan and add.

23rd February 2007   It's been a while since I've had time to update this site, but I now have a new speedy computer, so hopefully I can get more done. For now I've corrected the missing images in the Rotary section. (If you spot anything else not displaying, please let me know.)

15th January 2006   Rotary section updated - I've separated the "Large Letter" postcards to their own page to avoid clutter.

1st January 2006   Happy New Year! I've added a few bits to the Plays & Films section.

26th November 2005  Due to a request, I've added a page of all my bookmark type postcards here. These are of many different actresses.

6th July 2005  How time flies . . . My email went funny a couple of days ago, and I know I lost a couple of mails, so if I haven't replied, that's why! Do send again. I've now found four movies in which I've spotted Maude in a bit part. I'll try and update the film section soon.

26th April 2005  More cards added to the Rotary section.

17th April 2005  I spotted Maude in the local branch of Monsoon! They are selling beaded picture frames and are using the image on the right as an example picture.

12th March 2005  More cards added to the Tuck section.

blank Maude Fealy as seen in Monsoon blank

5th March 2005  A few more postcards added to the first Miscellaneous section. Started a new Miscellaneous images section to include all those non-postcard images that I have. I've found my first Ophelia postcard. Thanks again to Crystal Lombardo Farrell for yet more postcard scans!

19th February 2005  New cards added to the Rotary section. Plays and Films section improved. Pictures for play "Becket" added.

16th January 2005.   I have added a new magnifying glass icon magnifying glass to show which thumbnails can be magnified. There are only a few in the Rotary section at the moment but I will keep adding more.

13th January 2005.   Sorry I haven't updated for a while. Sometimes other things take priority! I am going to start to provide larger scans of the postcards so you can click on a thumbnail and see the card in detail.
Thanks to Crystal Lombardo Farrell for postcard scans, Harry Van Der Hoek and David Fleet for postcard scans and news clippings.

9th May 2004.   New cards added to Rotary thumbnails.
Thanks due to Candy Underwood, Ned Thanhouser and Mike who have provided me with scans of postcards that I have yet to find.

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