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Maude appeared in many films from 1931 onwards, but mainly in bit parts. Some of these movies are now available on DVD or Video and it can be fun trying to spot Maude!


Bulldog Drummond's Peril - 1938

This movie is available on DVD from Alpha Video. See www.oldies.com.
One of a series of Bulldog Drummond movies. Although the quality of picture varies a tad through this film, it is still an entertaining yarn. Both Maude and her mother Margaret Fealy can be seen in this movie. Watch for the scene around 56 minutes into the movie where three of the main characters go knocking door-to-door looking for Captain Drummond. Margaret answers at one door holding a white cat, Maude answers another saying "We don't want none" before closing the door.

Gaslight - 1944

Generally available on DVD.
An excellent movie winning 2 Oscars (out of 7 nominations) and a Golden Globe for Ingrid Bergman. Maude appears at the start of the film. When Paula (Ingrid Bergman in an Oscar winning role) leaves 111 Thorton Square, Maude is one of two maids standing outside the door. Maude is holding an umbrella and looks into the carriage as it pulls away.

A Double Life - 1947

Not easily obtainable, I bought a copy on DVD from a distributer in Hong Kong.
Another great movie with Ronald Colman in an Oscar winning role of an actor finding the line between reality and fantasy disolving. Maude appears about 36 minutes into the film, during a performance of Othello. Just after Othello strangles Desdemona there is a close-up of Maude in the audience, somewhat overcome at the on-stage action.

The Ten Commandments - 1956

Readily available on DVD.
Cecil B. DeMille's remake of "The Ten Commandments" is one of the biggest movies of all time. During a scene at a well (on my DVD it is half way through chapter 33, "Bound To A Shepherd Girl"), Maude is the old woman on the right. She has a single line, "Miriam is always right". In general there are many large crowd scenes in which she may also appear, and IMDB credit her as "Slave Woman" and "Hebrew at Crag & Corridor". Good luck in spotting her elsewhere!