The Maude Fealy Postcard Gallery


A rather stunning costume.

Miss Julia Neilson as
"Marguerite de Valois"
in "Henry of Navarre". 
Rotary Photographic Series 7454a

So how did it all begin?

It was a rainy day sometime in the 1990s when my wife and I went to a postcard fair.  She was looking for interesting costumes for inspiration for her business (see her site : Rossetti Costumes & Bridal Gowns) and I went along just out of interest.  After browsing for a bit I found some rather beautiful postcards of actresses from the Edwardian era.  These were purchased and ended up being framed for display.  I particularly liked the similarity to the pre-Raphaelite romantic style that can be seen in many of the images.  It wasn't too long before we went to another postcard fair, and another and soon started to look out for certain subjects.  Shakespearean cards offered good costumes and many nice images, especially scenes from Romeo & Juliet. Sets of "Faith, Hope & Charity" cards often featured stunning angels.



One of my first purchases.

Miss Amy Webster.
Postcard by B.B. London 
Photo by Lallie Charles

Miss Gabrielle Ray
posing as a fairy.

Rotary Photographic Series 11731c


An unidentified lady as Ophelia

S. Hildesheimer & Co. Ltd.
Series 5238  

Harcourt Williams as "Romeo"
& Margaret Halstan as "Juliet".
Guttenberg Photo - Manchester


A "Large Letter" postcard
featuring several actresses.

Rotary Photographic Series

  Several actresses became very worthy of attention : Gabrielle Ray, Mabel Love, Nora Kerin, Margaret Halstan and of course Maude Fealy.  After a while Maude became my major quest, with the photographs taken by Lizzie Caswall Smith being a firm favourite.
It wasn't long before I was in need of a checklist to keep track of the postcards I already had.  Although many postcard publishers put a handy unique reference code on each different postcard, many had nothing to uniquely define them.  The only way to have a complete checklist was to print out small pictures of each card that I had.  It was a small step to convert the checklist into a web page and start the site you see here today.

Continued - Origin of Postcards


Miss Mabel Love

Rotary Photographic Series

A set of "Faith, Hope & Charity" cards.

Philco Series 6211a, 6211b, 6211c.